Home of Bill and Judith Bailey in Laytonville, Ca circa 1975

Bailey’s was founded by Bill and Judith Bailey in 1975 in the small town of Laytonville, California (current population 1,600). Bill and Judith were contract cutting (timberfalling) at the time, and were having a difficult time sourcing products locally for their chainsaws. Figuring they were not the only ones looking for a solution, they started Bailey’s. During the early years, Bailey’s consisted of a handful of family members selling logging supplies by means of a small black and white catalog. Over the years, with success, the catalogs became bigger and glossier, and the product lines broadened beyond the forest products industry. Today, Bailey’s is a premier supplier of chainsaws and accessories, work clothing, arborist supplies and small scale forestry equipment. With nearly 100,000 square feet of warehouse space located in Woodland, California, customers are assured quick and efficient delivery of their orders. Superior customer service, fast delivery, competitive prices and high-quality products remain the focus today as they have since Bill and Judith Bailey first started from those humble beginnings.


Arborist & Tree Care Supplies
We find the best arboriculture products on the market to meet your every need. We are proud to be the premier supplier of the highest quality arborist and tree care tools you can find.
Industrial Equipment From Bailey’s
We offer a wide variety of equipment and attachments for the forestry, tree care, and landscaping industries, and our selection grows monthly.
Chainsaws from Bailey’s
Nobody knows chainsaws like Bailey’s. Our company started selling chainsaws to loggers and arborists back in 1975, so we have several decades of experience serving our customers.